BlueFuego chosen for the Plaidtastic Ten!

Posted by Brad, Chief Explosion Officer

Shortly after EduWeb, BlueFuego met up with the Plaid team as a part of the PlaidNation tour. We were honored to be included as a stop among other great companies such as Ford Motors, Threadless, Sprint, FedEx and many other businesses.

BlueFuego and Plaid, + @tsand and @kylejames!

But we were even more excited at the announcement that we would be included in the Plaidtastic Ten!  What is the Plaidtastic Ten?

“A rolling list of people, companies or brands we know will inspire you. The Plaidtastic Ten have a keen understanding of how to incorporate new tools or ideas into their businesses. They’ve embraced change, creativity and innovation, and for that, we celebrate their awesomeness.”

A huge thanks to Plaid for the honor of being on this list, and thanks to all of our great clients who also embrace change, creativity and innovation with us!!

Watch the Video Interview Now!
BlueFuego on the Plaidtastic Ten!

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