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HowardKangPosted by Brad, Chief Explosion Officer

Happy 2010 everyone!

We’re excited to kick off 2010 by introducing you to the newest member of the BlueFuego team, Howard Kang (as of last Fall, but this is his Grand Welcoming Party).

I’ve known Howard for several years, and it’s still hard to sum him up.  He’s a unique blend of business and right-brain thinking. He’s extremely smart, contagiously passionate, imaginative, devoted, driven and detailed.  He continues to amaze us each week with his fresh thoughts and ideas for higher ed marketing. Recently, while reading The Contrarian’s Guide to Leadership I came across a great quote, which I think can best describe what excites us about Howard:

“It’s well known among engineers that the most important inventions in a particular field are often made by people who are new to the field [...], people who aren’t held back by all the reasons why something can’t be done, and who are therefore able to think more freely about seemingly intractable problems.”

Howard brings a strong marketing background, but being new to this specific arena we’re already impressed with how Howard is continually challenging us with his vision, as he consistently looks beyond what is possible.  We’re excited for him to share these ideas with both clients and colleagues.  Look for him to be presenting some of these ideas at conferences in 2010 and beyond.  He’ll also be a frequent blogger on here, and we know you’ll learn a lot from his unique perspective.

Outside of work, Howard comes from Portland, OR and is a huge Trailblazers fan.  He cares about world issues, sustainability (he always seems to be reminding me of my carbon footprint from flying so much!), sports, cooking, photography… pretty much everything. You’ll often find him reading The Economist and listening to NPR.  We love his thirst for knowledge as we share in his curiosity to learn all we can.

Howard’s already jumped in full-speed and fits right into the BlueFuego culture, bringing his passion and drive daily and never accepting to do any work he’s not proud of.  His work with clients has already shown everyone involved that he’s a strong asset to BlueFuego.

Without further ado, please join us in welcoming Howard to the BlueFuego team by leaving a comment below!

Be sure to get to know Howard better and follow him at:

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  1. Welcome and congratulations (officially (finally)), Howard! It’s been great interacting with you and meeting you in person, and I look forward to more! Totes.

  2. Congrats (officially), Kang! Love the picture! Good luck to the BlueFuego team in 2010! Keep doing great things!

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