Facebook Fan Pages in Higher Ed

Posted by Brad and Joe, BlueFuego, Inc.

We are excited to release some top-level numbers from our comprehensive research of 1,035 Facebook Fan Pages in Higher Education. We have looked at university and college fan pages for 90 days and have tracked endless amounts of data. Use the data from these slides as a benchmark for your Facebook Fan Page to see how you compare with your peer schools. Check out the BlueFuego Formula® to see what type of engagement you are getting on your page.

The webinar series on this data has been announced, register here!

It appears that our data has started a friendly rivalry between LSU and Texas A&M, with LSU being the first to comment. Excited to see where this goes next. :)


The Chronicle and Mashable have also picked up on the rivalry! As we mentioned yesterday on our Facebook page, we’ll be announcing some news on Monday to step up the challenge. And don’t discount the University of Oklahoma, who has recently moved into the #3 spot after having nearly 35,000 fans transferred from a rogue page into their official university fan page!  This will get interesting :)

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  1. Thank you for compiling this information. I could tell that from our Insights that we had tremendous growth but had nothing to compare this growth to until now. I’m looking forward to seeing the different management strategies for the other Colleges and Universities in your study in order to further improve our own strategy. Great job, BlueFuego!

  2. Really appreciate BlueFuego taking the time to put a resource like this together and sharing it with the community. This is why you are leaders in your field.

  3. As a University of Kansas alum, I can attest that they make a concerted and well-designed effort to use Facebook to reach all their constituencies. I’m pleased to see that effort reflected in your research.


  4. Great report Brad and Joe. Thanks so much for sharing your research. Do you thinking fans “tagging” themselves in photos and videos is a significant element of Facebook engagement? If so, how do you think it could be incorporated into your formula?

  5. Thank you SO much for putting this together. Incredibly interesting, and very helpful that it broke down the schools by size. Thank you!

  6. Love what you guys are doing! How did you measure the data? I’m assuming you didn’t do it manually, so are there any tools available?

  7. Erik – we would absolutely LOVE to tell you this is an automated process, but it’s 100% manual each month. It takes upwards of 80-100 hours a month to compile and crunch the data. Joe’s spreadsheet is now on column CE in Excel.. haha!

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

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