Facebook Insights gets a Makeover

Posted by Brad, Chief Explosion Officer

Facebook is getting very serious with its Insights Data, which is going to help you determine success on your Facebook Fan Pages.  (Later this week we’ll be posting more Facebook Fan Page research.)

The updated Insights panel measures many more metrics than the old Insights (Fans…..Comments….. Posts…. Boring.). Now we’re talking Engagement Rate, Interactions, Clickthrough Rate, and much, much more.

Facebook Interaction Dashboard

A quick look at a client’s Insights, UMass Amherst, shows us where we have had major success through the project in the goal of creating community and interaction with the community on Facebook.

If these graphs were to go back to December/January, you would see flat lines on interaction and comments.  People were becoming ‘Fans’ of UMass Amherst, but that was it.  By cultivating a community that encourages commenting and sharing, UMass Amherst is now connecting with numerous Alumni and are already able to track a handful of students who have applied and are matriculating back to the conversations that began on Facebook.  It’s a wonderful tool for yielding and alumni engagement/communication, no doubt.

One portion of the project has focused on finding more fans to interact with.  The UMass Amherst fan page grew 47% in April, compared to an average of 14-16% for most University Fan Pages on Facebook. The 13-17 age range on the UMass Amherst page grew from 1% to 7% of the group this month, but we can see that this group is not commenting at all.  The active group this week is primarily Alumni, which correlates with the messages being shared.

Conversation on Facebook

We can now see the # of interactions / likes / comments / posts much more quickly than how we’ve been doing it in previous months (manually counting).

Facebook Insights Revamp


It sounds like many more metrics are coming down the road, as well as the ability to export this data (You currently can do this on the old metrics layout). How will you utilize the new Facebook Insights?

Welcome new and returning clients!

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  1. It’s about time Insights got a little bit of love — great news! The “post quality” piece is particularly interesting. Thanks for getting this out there!

  2. Cool post – I’ve been looking for someone who knows a bit about this.
    The insights for a page of mine seem to be acting funky – almost a 5 day lag in data, along with inconsistencies regarding interaction and post quality metrics.
    Have you (or anyone) seem massive lags in Facebook Insights, such as fans added, interactions per post, demographic data, etc…

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