Posted by Brad, CEO Well, Facebook is at it again.  Their latest change (as usual) has ruffled some feathers, most notably page administrators in higher education.  Facebook previously allowed Pages to open to a specific tab if you weren’t a Fan (or hadn’t ‘Liked’ it) already.  Once you Liked the page, you then landed on…Read the full article

Posted by Howard Kang, Ignition Officer Back in March I decided to go on foursquare and Gowalla tours of Harvard’s campus while I was in Boston visiting clients. I’ve never been to Harvard’s campus, so I thought it’d be the perfect opportunity to understand the perspective of a prospective student. I’ll share my experience with…Read the full article

Posted by Howard Kang, Ignition Officer KISS – The usability mantra, the creed of the web designer, the secret of marketing…we’ve already heard it all before. It’s one of those messages that gets drilled home so much to the point that it becomes noise and we forget about it; …not so fast. These tools available…Read the full article

Posted by Howard, Ignition Officer “In 2014 we’re adding a new science building with the newest in digital innovation.” “There are plans right now of adding a student union to campus soon.” “We will add a collection of 1st Edition Dr. Seuss books to our library in the future.” In higher ed we encounter this…Read the full article

Posted by Brad, Chief Explosion Officer I’m leaving for a few hours to go present BlueFuego’s Independent Colleges of Washington Workshop with Howard. It’s a 4.5 hour session tomorrow, and we’re doing 3.5 hours of Q&A! I love Q&A, I wish more of my presentations were strictly Q&A. There are so many questions out there…Read the full article