The story of BlueFuego, Inc. starts on September 13, 2007 at a Starbucks in Indianapolis, IN. Brad J Ward and Joe Gaylor met for the first time and started talking about the need for a company in higher ed that understood the changing landscape of recruitment and marketing and wasn’t stuck on traditional, stale methods. They discussed a company that helped institutions with marketing effectively and more cost-efficiently than the current options available to institutions.

They met several more times in 2008 and kept in touch through the social web. Both couldn’t stop thinking about the ‘what if’ of a company dedicated to helping institutions with the social web and using it to meet their goals, without the typical agency fluff.

After nearly a year of discussion about the company, they decided it was time to light the higher ed world on fire, and BlueFuego was ignited in December 2008.

BlueFuego provides colleges and universities the help they need to effectively utilize web-based tools for admissions, marketing, yielding and more. Their dedication to this industry, along with their tried and tested experiences and knowledge in higher education, will benefit any institution.

About Brad (CEO)

Brad J. Ward is the co-founder of BlueFuego, Inc., and has spoken around the globe at over 75 higher ed conferences and workshops, including recent events in Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada and Australia.

His work has been featured in magazines and websites such as Campus Technology, University Business, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Inside Higher Ed, Wired, CNET, New York Times and more. He holds an MBA with a concentration in Leadership from Butler University. Prior to starting BlueFuego, Ward was the Electronic Communication Coordinator in the Office of Admission at Butler and a Marketing/Recruitment Specialist at University of Illinois-Springfield.

About Joe (CCO)

Joe has several years of experience in higher education from his other business, http://www.fjgaylor.com, a premier higher education photography firm. He travels to dozens of universities and colleges every year and has the unique opportunity to see many schools, as well as the students who attend, in a very candid manner. His success in the photography industry is echoed by his numerous pleased clients in the US, UK and Australia, and his work is prominently displayed in print and web material at schools all over the United States.

About Matt (CIO)

Matt Norris is the Chief Interaction Officer at BlueFuego. Matt comes to us from the public television industry, where he spent 4 years heading up a channel’s entire web presence (http://www.wnit.org). After designing and coding their entire website from scratch, he then began to handle their online video and their Facebook/Twitter/YouTube presences. Matt is the mastermind at BlueFuego that puts ideas to screen and creates the interactive elements to complement strategy and marketing efforts.

Matt received his computer science degree from Davenport University and HAD lived in northern Indiana his whole life… until we told him we didn’t care where he lived. So he moved to Charleston, SC! He’s been married 15 years and has 4 children, and when not designing sites he coaches his son’s baseball team and attends their kids’ many sporting events. He’s a huge Notre Dame fan and cheers for the Colts as well.