Aerial Video & Photography

Ready to showcase your campus from the skies?

Aerial imagery is an incredible way to showcase your campus to prospective students and alumni. By visually showcasing your institution like never before, you will captivate and excite anyone who views it.

The 2015 E-Expectations Report noted that 67% of college-bound juniors and seniors prefer aerial images over the usual campus shots, and our results back this research up. When using aerial content strategically in your online and print marketing, you will capture your audience’s attention like never before.

We can provide full-production videos, as seen below, or shoot 4K LOG footage to hand to your team for color grading, editing, etc. We shoot to your specs regardless, and provide b-roll for other video usage.

Fully understanding the platforms you will be sharing your new content on, we will also guide you on best practices for getting the best exposure and organic reach out of your content – just like the view counts you see below! Ready? Scroll down for our contact form.

BlueFuego has been providing aerial services exclusively to our clients since 2014. We are insured, FAA 333 Exempt and Part 107 licensed to perform aerial services at your campus. Ready to takeoff? Contact us below.