The buzz and hype around a team advancing in the tournament can be a huge boost to a school’s Facebook engagement. Now of course likes don’t equal buckets, and fans aren’t playing defense… but what if the games were determined by this interaction? Joe took a fun look at the Sweet 16 bracket, determining the…Read the full article

We admittedly went silent with our Facebook research after 2011, keeping the best nuggets for clients regarding engagement and content strategy.  As a result, BlueFuego clients using our suggested tactics were #1, 2, 3, 7 and 10 in the nation for 2012 engagement (and 7 of the Top 15!).  What was interesting to note that…Read the full article

It’s time for the 4th annual Fuego Four! Who’s going to win it all this year? Prizes: 1st place: $250 Professional Development Money, and a BlueFuego HOODIE (Black or Blue!) 2nd place: $125 Professional Development Money, and a BlueFuego HOODIE. 3rd and 4th place: $75 Professional Development Money, BlueFuego shirt and sticker. 5th-10th place: BlueFuego…Read the full article

As mentioned in our last post about how Higher Ed Facebook Pages are posting too much, Joe looked at 335,955 Facebook Posts in 2011 for our research and the following slides share some nuggets from the data. This data is the most comprehensive and accurate research available for Facebook Pages in Higher Ed. As we…Read the full article

Another year is over, which is always an exciting time at BlueFuego. It means another year of Facebook research gets wrapped up, and we get to pull out all the best nuggets to share with our clients.  It’s always encouraging to see schools that we’ve worked with in the past year take our recommendations, apply…Read the full article