January 2009

Posted by Brad Today we’ve seen a lot of chatter on Twitter about vendors, and this morning I was chatting in GTalk with Lauren from Pace.  She was telling me about her frustrations with vendor demos and calls, and there were a few gems from the conversation: i avoid them so much. Use the phrase…Read the full article

Twitter is a noisy place, this we know.  And as more people join, as you follow and interact with more people, there is a greater chance that tweets will get lost in the shuffle and you will miss them. Lucky for you, there are several tools available to make sure you never miss a mention,…Read the full article

Hello and welcome to! We’re glad that you have decided to stop by and see what BlueFuego is all about. Thanks again to so many of you who have called, emailed and twittered your well wishes to our new venture. By submitting your email address on our landing page you have been subscribed to…Read the full article