4th Annual Fuego Four

It’s time for the 4th annual Fuego Four! Who’s going to win it all this year?

Fuego Four


1st place: $250 Professional Development Money, and a BlueFuego HOODIE (Black or Blue!)

2nd place: $125 Professional Development Money, and a BlueFuego HOODIE.

3rd and 4th place: $75 Professional Development Money, BlueFuego shirt and sticker.

5th-10th place: BlueFuego t-shirt  (regular or baseball style) and BlueFuego sticker.

We have some other prizes up our sleeves for the contest, but you’ll have to be a part of it to find out.

To learn more and register, visit http://www.bluefuego.com/fuegofour.

May the best bracket win!

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