June 2010

Posted by Brad, CEO Facebook is at it again. Literally overnight, Facebook Pages in Higher Ed have seen unprecedented growth out of nowhere. It started with a call from Scott Kilmer at Abilene Christian University, who noted that his page had grown from 12,500 likes to over 30,000 overnight. Joe from BlueFuego took a deeper…Read the full article

Posted by Brad, CEO I once heard someone say “There are only two reasons that people go online. To get information, and to be entertained.” That might have been the case in the earlier days of the Internet, but in recent years I believe a third has joined these two: connect with others. When you’re…Read the full article

Posted by Howard Kang, Ignition Officer Want to know how to consistently engage well online? Want to know how you should respond to comments, craft great e-mails, know great, valuable and relevant content to post, etc.? The solution isn’t as hard as you imagine. In fact I can fit it into three words (technically, two):¬†face…Read the full article