August 2010

Posted by Howard Kang, Ignition Officer When interviewing for a job we tend to use a formal tone as that’s what interviews demand. We have our resume prepared listing our achievements, past successes, work history, as well as a few bulleted points of what makes us unique. When we’re on a date (don’t worry, it’s…Read the full article

Posted by Brad and Joe, Co-Founders of BlueFuego Here is a follow up to our post earlier this week about sharing your US News ranking via the social web, more specifically Facebook Pages. Here is a quick snapshot of the US News release from yesterday. After the day, Joe decided to take a look at…Read the full article

Posted by Joe and Brad, Co-Founders of BlueFuego We see it all the time in higher education, more specifically on Facebook Pages.  A confusion of interests between 1) what the page administrator cares about or likes, and 2) what the audience cares about or likes.   And as a result, both suffer. You’ve probably heard us…Read the full article