March Madness is upon us, and 68 teams have been reduced to the Sweet 16, with games tonight determining the Elite 8.  We’ve seen our fair share of  buzzer beaters and bracket busters already, but we got to thinking at BlueFuego… what if the tournament were decided according to the BlueFuego Formula? The BlueFuego formula…Read the full article

Posted by Howard Kang The trend as of late touted by marketing experts everywhere is “storytelling is the future.” It’s supported by the thought that the need for authenticity has been elevated due to the accessibility of information and connectivity on the web and the audiences need to feel emotionally engaged. I’m sorry, but the…Read the full article

As a follow up to Howard’s post a few months ago, Why Foursquare and Gowalla Campus Tours Will Fail, I want to talk briefly about QR codes. These are just some quick thoughts that I’ve had on my mind, and after I ran across Likify today and the news last week that now offers…Read the full article

Posted by Howard Kang, Ignition Officer When interviewing for a job we tend to use a formal tone as that’s what interviews demand. We have our resume prepared listing our achievements, past successes, work history, as well as a few bulleted points of what makes us unique. When we’re on a date (don’t worry, it’s…Read the full article

Posted by Brad and Joe, Co-Founders of BlueFuego Here is a follow up to our post earlier this week about sharing your US News ranking via the social web, more specifically Facebook Pages. Here is a quick snapshot of the US News release from yesterday. After the day, Joe decided to take a look at…Read the full article