Research: Facebook’s Latest Changes

Posted by Brad, CEO

Well, Facebook is at it again.  Their latest change (as usual) has ruffled some feathers, most notably page administrators in higher education.  Facebook previously allowed Pages to open to a specific tab if you weren’t a Fan (or hadn’t ‘Liked’ it) already.  Once you Liked the page, you then landed on the Wall.  This allowed institutions to create custom landing tabs, which we’ve previously used with clients to successfully promote events and deadlines, as well as custom FBML tabs that embed content and request information forms.

But that’s changed.  Now, unless you have 10,000 Likes or work with an ad representative at Facebook (a.k.a. spend the big bucks), you’ve lost that option.  Joe at BlueFuego tapped into the most comprehensive Facebook Pages research in higher ed to see who will be affected by this change.  He took out the 500 largest pages of our research sample and put together this nice visual to show you who’s losing their custom landing tab, and what they’ll be missing out on now.

Note: We’re not giving up on Pages in lieu of applications or other features yet. The value (and cost!) of Pages compared to other options still wins, in our opinion.

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  1. Working at one of the big 500 I didn’t realize this change had taken place. This is a huge bummer a loss for those impacted. While it’s obviously not a deal breaker, it really does diminish the first impression universities can make on Facebook.

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