‘Advertising’ on Social Networks

Posted by Brad, Chief Explosion Officer

Nielsen recently released a new report titled ‘Global Faces and Networked Places‘, which speaks of online social networking trends and advertising.  You can get the full 15-page PDF at that link, but I just wanted to share some tidbits and thoughts from the report with you.

  • Facebook has replaced MySpace as the world’s most popular social network. This was not a matter of if, but when. MySpace continues to lose market share to other social networks ( a -3% growth in 2008 compared to 168% growth for Facebook). MySpace continues to generate ad revenue, however.
  • If you’re dealing with any web-based efforts or social media, you need to know these three things.
    • Advertising must be a conversation rather than a push model.
    • The tone of advertising must be more authentic.
    • Advertising should be about adding value.
  • Think about the mutual relationships with social networks and other media. I frequently present about integrating social media into your recruitment strategy, and this is one of the main points.  Integrate technologies into existing media. These methods are very complementary and can be used to meet your goals. There’s no need to drop everything you’re doing and shift all resources to the web. And it’s actually a really bad idea.
  • “The social networking phenomenon is dramatically changing the way people behave and, consequently, offers new challenges and opportunities to the global media and advertising industry alike.” Apply this thought to higher education as well.  Alumni, Admissions, Marketing/PR, Athletics, Fundraising, you name it. Things have changed, and it’s time to revisit your strategies.

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