Facebook Pages … What’s new?

Posted by Brad, Chief Explosion Officer

There has been plenty of discussion on Twitter today about the newest Facebook Pages update.  How it affects existing pages, how to arrange things, where non-fans should land, and more.

Before you get started with any of that, take a quick look at this PDF that has been released by Facebook.  It’s 10 quick pages of screenshots and information of what you need to know about the new Pages.

You’ll surely hear more from other bloggers and sites about the changes, but here’s a quick rundown:

  • Pages now resemble the recently updated personal profiles.
  • You can send non-fans to a specific tab rather than have them land on the main Page.
  • You can include more content, and separate it by tab.
  • Insights now include engagement and interaction.
  • and much more.

We’re currently updating a client’s Page to make it bigger and better than ever, which I’ll be excited to share more about in the future.

And there’s no doubt that Pages can be effective in reaching an audience.  Since we’ve started working with this client, Facebook Page Fans  have increased 76% in a month for their school.

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