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Posted by Brad, Chief Explosion Officer

Facebook Pages have really taken a new life after the recent Facebook upgrade. It’s never been easier to connect with fans and engage in conversation on Facebook than before.

We’re in the middle of compiling what is undoubtedly the most comprehensive and in-depth research on University and College Fan Pages.  (Similar to when we researched 400 university/college Twitter accounts for the Twitter for Higher Education webinar. If you missed the first webinar, it’s back by popular demand! Register at http://twitter-higher-ed.eventbrite.com)

Here are a few tidbits to tie you over until the full research is ready! If you follow us on Twitter (http://twitter.com/bluefuego) you might have seen these already today! Special thanks to Joe for his great work on this research. He’s a research machine!

When looking at the top 30 Fan pages, determined by # of fans, we’ve noted the following from our data:

  • Only 3 of the top 30 are private institutions.
  • 25 are public universities with more than 20,000 undergraduates.
  • Texas A&M avgs 39.75% more ‘Likes’ per post than any other school in the Top 30.
  • 25% of the top 30 open to Wall, 75% open to another tab (Info, About, custom FBML, etc.)  Those who open to the wall = averaged a 95% growth in April. Those who opened to another tab averaged 16% growth.   Do the math.
  • Texas A&M gets more ‘Likes’ per post than any other school, yet is still only reaching 1/2 of 1% of their fan base.
  • Ohio State currently has more ‘likes’, more comments, and more fan posts than any school on FB. They also experienced 72% fan growth in April.
  • The top 25 fan pages average 18,000 fans.  10 of these 25 pages have not posted any updates since at least April 1st.

Can’t wait to share more!

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