Facebook: Text your Fans!

I’ve previously talked about how you can use Twitter as your text messaging system, but there’s a new entrant in this game.

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Dave at BuzzMarketingDaily explains:

We just discovered an incredible new option (presumably in beta) for select administrators and promoters of Facebook Public Profiles – you can text to become a fan of select businesses, organizations, politicians, or official entities on Facebook! Go ahead, try this out by fanning our firm – Text fan theKbuzz to FBOOK (32665) to become a fan of ours on Facebook. (Replace “thekbuzz” with the name of another vanity url on a Facebook Fan Page / Public Profile such as Barack Obama to ask people to become fans of that public profile or business!)

Now what’s the hitch in this plan for right now?  You have to have a vanity url to do it. (Dave – any tips for us?)

Facebook is definitely making some moves in the mobile arena and is no doubt trying to compete with Twitter’s growth (1392% over the past year). This will be a powerful tool for your university down the road, but here are my 5 Tips to do it well.

  1. Offer quality content. With this coming down the road, re-think your ‘update’ strategy. Before you post it think to yourself – “Would my fans want this on their mobile phone?”
  2. Have a presence.  Without a Facebook Public Profile, you can’t do this.
  3. Integrate into traditional methods. You’ve got 25 kids sitting in your presentation for the visit.  Tell them to pull out their phones and text ‘Fan YourU’ to FBOOK.    Be unique, ask them to use their cell phones when they normally aren’t supposed to.
  4. Ask them what they want.  Start a discussion thread or post on the wall to see what kind of content you should provide them.
  5. Be original!!  Don’t follow what other Universities and Colleges are doing.  Try something new with Facebook Fan Texts.

Sadly, BlueFuego does not have a vanity URL yet.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t friend us!

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