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Posted by Brad, Chief Explosion Officer

Last October on SquaredPeg I posted an interview with Dara Crowfoot from DePaul University, who heads up DePaulQuad.com.  (You can see screenshots of the community on the original post.) The DePaulQuad.com website is geared for the parents of current students, a niche that should not be overlooked.

BlueFuego had the opportunity to meet with DePaul last month for an audit/site visit of current social media offerings, including the DePaulQuad and KellstadtLink.com, a new community for business students and alumni. Dara has done a fantastic job with building this community.

If you want to learn more about Dara’s great work, you definitely don’t want to miss this free webinar tomorrow:

How To Keep Members Coming Back To Your Online Community.  When “Build It And They Will Come” Isn’t Working

Free WOMMA Webinar for members and nonmembers
April 1st, 12pm EST

The DePaul Quad is an online community for parents of DePaul University students. Since its launch in August 2007, the DePaul Quad has grown to over 2,000 members and begun to change how the University approaches customer service from a one-way model to a model built on a multi-dimensional conversation.

This session will:

1. outline why we launched an online community
2. review the results we have seen
3. outline what it takes to keep members coming back
4. show how the conversations in the online community have started to change the overall way we do business.

Register or Learn More here!

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