IU East Launches Social Web Integrated Homepage!

Earlier this week the team at Indiana University East launched their socially integrated homepage at http://www.iue.edu. This new homepage is the result of a lot of hard work and new social web strategy, in addition to lots of buy-in and support from the top level. (Yes, you can find their Chancellor on Twitter at @Paydar. According to http://whendidyoujointwitter.com, he was on Twitter months before @presidentgee.)

We’ve worked with the team at IU East for several months now and helped lay out the framework and strategy for their social web efforts for marketing and recruitment. It’s exciting to see this project come together! Tweets, Flickr pictures, YouTube videos, and a large piece of real estate dedicated to the student bloggers.


Congrats to the team at IU East for a successful launch of their new site!  Be sure to check it out.

“We are experiencing record enrollments at Indiana University East, and it’s been great to have BlueFuego as a partner in our growth and success.  They bring first-hand experience, a wealth of research, and a creative, cutting-edge approach.  We’re excited about working with them again for the 2009-10 academic year and continuing to harness the power of social media.”
Rob Zinkan
Executive Director for External Affairs
Indiana University East

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