The Race to 100K – LSU vs. Texas A&M

By the time you read this, you might have missed the Race to 100K! We’re hosting a contest for any college or university fan page on Facebook. The first institution page that reaches 100,000 fans will get 100,000 pennies donated to a scholarship of their choice!
The two schools that have broken out of the pack are Texas A&M and LSU. Both schools are now within 5,000 fans of 100,000 total fans as they race for the prize.   LSU surged ahead early in the week, but TAMU is fighting back…. quickly.  Here’s a snippet from their Fan page:

In a tremendous showing of Aggie spirit from around the world, over 9,000 new fans joined the official Texas A&M Facebook page in the last 24 hours. The surge to 92,500 fans is in response to the question, “Should Texas A&M concede the Race to 100K Fans to LSU?

Until Tuesday night, Texas A&M University had the top university-sponsored Facebook page in the world with more than 83,000 fans. In one day, LSU surged from 81,000 to 96,000 fans – putting the Aggies in second place. With the sudden gain by LSU, everyone watching the contest expects that LSU will win the race by this weekend.

However, in a tremendous show of Aggie Spirit from around the world, Texas A&M rallied from 83,000 to 92,500 fans in the last 24 hours. LSU has almost reached the goal with over 97,500 fans. While it’s a long shot for the Aggies to reach 100,000 fans before LSU, a second comeback in the next 24 hours would show the spirit and strength of the Aggie network.

Aggies, this is your page. This is your race. Invite your Facebook friends to become fans by clicking “Suggest to Friends” in the upper left-hand corner of the Texas A&M Facebook page.

Texas A&M has achieved tremendous growth in the past 29 hours.  They’ve averaged one new fan every 8.5 seconds and have grown at over 10 x’s the rate of LSU today.  At this pace, Texas A&M will hit 100,000 fans in 11 hours or less. To watch the race in real-time and keep an eye on each school’s progress, hop over to As one TAMU fan says, “This is more fun than the presidential elections.”

Check it out!!

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